resident 2020
Zhixin Liao

Apr-Jun 2020

"I use painting, sculpture and video to draw attention to the inaccuracies between experience and material. I am looking for the interval separating perception and the thing; the space (eg. situational, political, metaphorical) in which misunderstanding and obscurity are unintentional but inevitable factors.

Recently, I traveled the entire length of the mainland Netherlands border by car, bus, bike and foot. Using that experience, I am working on a painting and video installation that questions the invisible risk of confines in society. While in quarantine, my work questions our ideas of residency or the public, as it relates to permission and authority, and the emotional state it forms in what might be a modern ideology."


Zhixin Liao is currently living and working in Rotterdam. Zhixin graduated MFA from China Guangxi Arts University in 2016 before he went on to earn his MA(Painting) from the Frank Mohr Institute in the Netherlands in 2018. In 2017, He had Art exchanged program at Hunter College in New York. His recent exhibitions include KEILECONTEMPORARY(Duo), Rotterdam Art week(2020); After Translation(Solo), DenHaag(2019). Recently he is supported by the Mondriaan Fond and the Stipendium for Emerging Artists/Werkbijdrage Jong Talent 2019-2020.



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resident 2020