West Wednesdays to visit airWG

West Wednesdays is a monthly tour through various artist ateliers in Amsterdam. A combination of open studio session and city tour, the initiative has embraced a wide range of topics and artists since its inception.

On November 14, West Wednesdays will be visiting the airWG studio to receive an introduction to the work of our current resident, Kuang-Yi Ku. West Wednesdays tours are open to the public, more details can be found on their site.

Ku was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, and is currently based in the Netherlands. He is a practicing dentist, a bio-artist, and a social designer. He also co-founded TW BioArt (the Taiwan bioart community collective) in order to stimulate the fields of BioArt and Science+Art in Taiwan.

His work often deals with human body, sexuality, human-animal interaction and medical technology, aiming to investigate the relationships among technology, individual and environment.

His residency project, Tarot of Pulse, which he is working on during his stay at airWG, aims to create a pseudoscientific fortune-telling system by combining Western medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Tarot fortune telling.

Through this fictional system, Ku will try and predict his future by feeling and visualizing his pulse. This system might provide him with a new method of understanding his body. In this project, he is attempting to explore the details of the body which have been abandoned by  “objective” contemporary science.


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