resident 2024
Serene Hui

January-March 2024


Serene Hui is a Hong Kong-born artist. Her practice is research-focused and multi-faceted, engaging primarily with installation, audio and live works, printmaking and text. Serene's work is involved in a discursive, artistic and political exploration of her own context, using the geographical distance from personal lived experiences to investigate the wider socio-political impact of how meaning is made and who has access to making it. Her practice is currently invested in epistemological colonialism for the ways it affects social structures, languages, psychology and its potential susceptibility for manipulation. In her works she addresses obscurity and nuances by creating an ontological shift of displacement - meaning to transform social conventions, normative ignorance, and language ambiguity into resistance, reflection and criticism of contemporary systems. 

Serene's works have been included at TENT (NL), Research Academy, Zurich University of theArts (ZHdK), Para Site (Hong Kong) and Tai Kwun Contemporary (Hong Kong) among others. Her printmaking works are collected by Museum Meermanno - House of the Book (NL) and KBNational Library of the Netherlands. She was an artist-in-residence at MMCA Seoul (South Korea); Nida Art Colony (Lithuania) and more. 

Serene Hui ( and exhibitions are supported by Stroom Den Haag and Mondriaan Fonds (NL).


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resident 2024