resident 2022
Ananda Serné
Welcome Ananda Serné to airWG. January - March 2022.
Ananda is a Dutch visual artist and writer based in Norway. She holds an MA in Fine Arts from the Iceland University of the Arts.
Through moving image, language, performance and installation, her practice explores questions that touch upon translation and (mis)communication. She is interested in the challenges that mediums like language, sound and moving image pose when trying to capture certain natural phenomena. How much information exists for example outside of the realm of human perception? How much information is lost?
Her work is often informed by conversations and collaborations with others, for instance with vocalists, biologists, or translators. Several of her works draw on methods employed throughout the history of theatre.
During her stay at airWG Serné will expand on her earlier research on insects by focusing on insect-inspired robots that are developed for use in agriculture and the army. As in her earlier work, she will emphasize insects' cognition and the sound produced by (robotic) insects. Ananda will work together with a group of singers to compose live sound to the video, referring to the live sound that accompanied early silent cinema. At the end of the residency, Serné will present her work in an exhibition at puntwg , that will consist of textiles and a video screening with live sound composed in collaboration with a local choir.
resident 2021
Violeta Paez Armando

Welkom Violeta Paez Armando, (1994, Córdoba, Argentinië) momenteel gevestigd in Amsterdam. Violeta is in onze laatste oproep geselecteerd voor de periode oktober-december 2021. 

De praktijk van Violeta Páez is een combinatie van beeldhouwkunst, schrijven en theorie. Geïnspireerd door onderwerpen als dekolonisatie en queer thematiek, houdt ze zich kritisch bezig met sciencefiction verhalen en sciencefiction-tropes om vragen over doorlaatbaarheid en maakbaarheid te beantwoorden. Ze gebruikt vaak creatief schrijven en speculatieve fictie om de huidige omstandigheden te analyseren en haar sculpturale werk te voorzien van toekomstige mogelijkheden.

Tijdens haar residentie zal Violeta lezingen en ontmoetingen houden en andere lokale kunstenaars uitnodigen.  Haar residency is mogelijk gemaakt met steun van het Mondriaan Fonds. Binnenkort maken we meer bekend over onze activiteiten.


Welcome Violeta Paez Armando, (1994, Córdoba, Argentina) currently based in Amsterdam. Violeta has been selected in our last call for the period October / December 2021. Her residency is possible thanks to the support of Mondrian Fonds.

Violeta Páez's practice is a combination of sculpture, writing and theory. Informed by decolonial and queer discourses, it critically engages with sci-fi narratives, and sci-fi tropes to deal with questions around permeability and malleability. She often uses creative writing and speculative fiction to analyze present conditions and imbue her  sculptural work of future possibilities.

During her residency, Violeta will carry out readings and meetings, inviting the participation of other local artists.