resident 2021
Mire Lee
Meet our current resident artist, Mire Lee (b 1988 Seoul, South Korea).
Lee pursues an artistic process based on substances of the act of making. With a primary interest in the material properties and movement of three-dimensional media, she explores affections and energy including desire, sentimentality, vitality, and drive. She has taken part in various exhibitions and projects. Her most recent solo exhibition was "Carriers" at the Art Sonje Center in 2020.
resident 2020
Matthew C. Wilson

Matthew C. Wilson (b. 1982, USA) works in video (primarily), sculpture, and installation. In his work viewers encounter a range of agents—mercurial materials, human personae, non-humans, and inter-subjective entities—entangled in natural processes and shape-shifting historical forces. Wilson’s projects utilize research-based, site-specific, and methodologically eclectic approaches to track the path and inertia of Modernity through contemporary technological and climatological change and into speculative futures.