resident 2022
Itamar Gov


Approaching forgotten micro-histories as a means to shed light on vast sociopolitical landscapes, the starting point of Gov’s projects is an inquiring scepticism towards cultural traditions, conventions and gestures that are considered self-evident. His works are based on ongoing research and revolve around the intersection of art and politics, highlighting the strong tension between the known and the supposed, and challenging any assumption of clear borders between facts and falsehoods, reality and imagination. Never providing a full and complete picture, he invites viewers to engage with the elements of the works and to become part of an inquisitive process.


resident 2022
M.C. Julie Yu

M.C. Julie Yu (b. Taipei, Taiwan, 1989), airWG resident  (April - June 2022.) is an interdisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam. She holds a BFA in Theatre Directing from TNUA, Taipei, Taiwan (2013) and an MA in Fine art, HKU University of the Arts Utrecht (2020). Her works include a wide variety of media, such as video, music, exercise, performance, workshops, and installation.

Yu's artistic practices revolve around the senses of othering, specifically based on the experience as a migrant and interdisciplinary worker under the postcolonial and capitalist cultural phenomena. She reflects on these experiences through various sub-culture inspirations and addresses the reflection with a good dose of humor. This approach is further extended to various long-term collaborative projects among art, performance and social movements fields.