resident 2017
23 Apr 2017 — 19:30 till 21:30 hrs Interview with airWG residents Shen Xin and Rajyashri Goody

Art Historian Tineke Reijnders will interview the current residents about their work and research.

Rajyashri Goody 1990 Pune, India, and Shen Xin 1990 Chengdu, China are participants from the Rijksakademie's cross-cultural exchange programme at the ACC (Asia Culture Complex) in Gwangju KR.

Starts 19:30 hrs, Location: puntWG


Rajyashri Goody is an artist and ethnographer interested in socially engaged art practice. Grounded in the principles of visual anthropology, her research interests span caste and class structure and interpretations of hierarchical patterns in society, as well as connotations of identity, individualism, freedom, and security amongst youth in India. Through art, she has found a broader platform to dive into her interests, and simultaneously, a rich form of expression built upon a base of ethnography, observation, writing, and photographic or video documentation.

The work is largely site-specific, both in the physical sense as well as in terms of scenes and occurrences in the vicinity

Shen Xin’s practice concerns the social position of the artist, and engages recently with re-instrumentalising technique, judgment, power and ethic. She has taken interests in subjects such as the othering of ethnic minorities in aesthetics and economy, the functionality of cinematic space concerning empathy, and the productivity of didacticism in new technology.

The body of work that she is currently developing explores ethics and assimilations of “imported” religious practice, migrant conditions, fantasies of artificial intelligence, and expressions of love and friendship. These subjects are examined on the scales of history, nation state agencies and interactivepersonal relations.

 Since 2015 the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam and the Asia Culture Complex (ACC)* in Gwangju (KR) are joining forces for a new type of residency program. Two different types of support of the art practice are brought together, bringing the specific features of both institutions to the fore. The Rijksakademie, which has proven itself through its focus on technical, theoretical and artistic support in an international community of artists. The ACC, as a model that is currently being developed, places the research into the history and development of cultural identity at the centre of its activities. Four Rijksakademie alumni and four Asian artists participate in the ACC-Rijksakademie Dialogue and Exchange programme every year.


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resident 2017