resident 2021
Mire Lee
Apr-Jun 2021
Meet our current resident artist, Mire Lee (b 1988 Seoul, South Korea).
Lee pursues an artistic process based on substances of the act of making. With a primary interest in the material properties and movement of three-dimensional media, she explores affections and energy including desire, sentimentality, vitality, and drive. She has taken part in various exhibitions and projects. Her most recent solo exhibition was "Carriers" at the Art Sonje Center in 2020.
Lee was a resident at Rijksakademie from 2018 to 2019, at the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA Nanji Residency) (2017), and the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris (2015). She was awarded the ARKO Young Art Frontier Grant by the Arts Council Korea (2014). Lee earned a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Sculpture at the Seoul National University College of Fine Arts (2012) and is a graduate degree in media art from the same institution (2013).
Her work has been the subject of several solo exhibitions, including War is Won by Sentiment Not by Soldiers at the Insa Art Space, Seoul (2014); Front View of Omissions onground_jisangso, Seoul (2014) and Roadway from Mullae to Salon Vit, Salon Vit, Cheong-ju, South Korea (2013). Her work has been featured in group exhibitions at Homesession, Barcelona (2017); Arko Art Center, Seoul (2017)Rue Geoffrey l'Asnier 20, Paris (2016), and others group exhibitions.

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resident 2021