Open Studio with Miku Sato

Join us at: airWG, M. van B. Bastiaansestraat 37, WG terrein, 1054 RS Amsterdam

On: 21 November 2019

From: 18:00-20:00

Our current resident, Miku Sato, hails from Japan, from where she gained an MFA in Film and New Media Studies.  In 2013, she was a guest resident of Matadero Madrid in Spain; in 2016, a participant of GoneWest collaborating with Het Entrepot in Belgium; in 2017, selected to participate in Port Journeys for Germany's Frise Künstlerhaus. She joins us at airWG with the support of the Japanese government's Overseas Study Programme for Artists.

Satoʼs practice is based on her fieldwork of specific places, where she starts up a project delegating her intention to the local people she selects. Through video, installation and peoples' participatory action, she explores new perspectives and alternative possibility of relationship between individuals and the world as well as passivity and proactivity in society. Her quest is to compose her own new narratives to retell the past and present together under a different light.

Sato invites you to join her on November 21 at her temporary studio in Amsterdam for an informal presentation about her work and works-in-progress. 


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Still from video, Retelling Yokohama
Still from video, Retelling Yokohama
Photo from performance, Soup
Photo from performance, Soup