resident 2024
Marie Farrington

April-June 2024


‘My site-responsive practice traces overlaps between landscape and memory, exploring how matter is coded and transformed over time. My work reflects on the act of making through
geological and archaeological lenses, alluding to the studio as an archival site bound to processes of accrual, removal, accumulation and erasure. Materials such as wax, dust, ink, muslin, glass, steel and anthracite converge within my installations, evoking a spectral presence through unfixed or provisional elements. My practice functions as a testing ground for agency and exchange, producing a sense of continuous entanglement among materials and their emergent correlations.’

Marie Farrington (b. 1990, Ireland) is an artist and writer based in Dublin. She has held recent exhibitions at the Museum Building, Trinity College Dublin; Solstice Arts Centre, Navan; Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin; Collecteurs, The Digital Museum of Private Collections; Galerie Michaela Stock, Wien; and Irish Museum of Modern Art. Forthcoming exhibitions include Kunstverein Aughrim (solo, 2025), CCA Derry-Londonderry (2024) and Odapark Centre for Contemporary Art, Venray (2025). Her work is held in the collections of the Arts Council of Ireland; Centre for the Environment, Trinity College Dublin; and the Irish State Art Collection. She is a Project Studio awardee at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin (2024-25)


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resident 2024