Looking in to look out
With Waèl Allouche, Vicente Baeza, Tash Keddy, Sam Marshall Lockyer, Rodrigo Red Sandoval, curated by Àngels Miralda.
We are pleased to invite you on the occasion of a group exhibition to introduce Àngels Miralda as a new member of the airWG team. She will begin working together with the artists in residence this summer and fall and would be happy to meet the community.
The exhibiting artists came together in April 2021 during a visit to Texel island. The trip was not an official residency and therefore acts as a provocation to question traditional formats of residencies and communal experiences.
An encounter with airWG on the 26th of June will be led by Hugo Palmar, coordinator member of airWG, in order to connect the recent programming, the current exhibition initiated by resident artist Mire Lee together with her guest artists and writers, and the questions facing established organisations as we emerge from recent conditions.
The works of the exhibiting artists are connected by an event rather than themes, but can be interpreted through topics of hosting, intimacy, scale, and the poetics of materiality.
Join us this Wednesday 16 of June together with the artists from 5-8pm for the opening. The exhibition will be open until 27 of June at puntWG.

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