For Those Who Keep Us On the Bright Side by Polina Doroshenko & Stefaniia Dobrianska

Opening 16 June 5-7pm at puntWG

Open 17-25 June, every day except Tuesday & Thursday, 2-6 pm

In this exhibition Ukrainian WG artist-in-residence Polina Doroshenko presents drawings and texts reflecting her personal journey after leaving her home in Kyiv with her young daughter Stefaniia.

"How do you keep going on when your home is in a war zone? How do you protect your child and take care of yourself when everything brings to mind the writings of George Orwell?.... I began to make sketchbooks with drawings and reflections, a first-hand format to visualise my thoughts, ideas and anxieties. These’ visual diaries’ became an important part of my life with my daughter Stefaniia. Somewhere between diving deep into darkness and simple everyday’s happiness. In this exhibition, at the end of my airWG residency I’m sharing our personal story on our continuing journey."

Polina Doroshenko (1989) lived in Kyiv prior to the war, working as a book illustrator and graphic arts teacher. In March 2022, Polina with her four-year-old daughter Stefaniia had to flee their home and made their way to Barcelona, where they found temporary shelter with friends. In April 2023 they came to Amsterdam for a 3-month residency in the airWG.

Polina graduated from NAOMA, the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Department of Graphic Arts with a Master’s degree. She has been a tutor in graphic design at NAOMA since 2019. Over the last eight years she has developed her practice in art & design, becoming a successful illustrator and a graphic artist, especially for children’s books. In her work, Polina prefers to mix techniques and experiments with materials and has illustrated more than 10 books, three of which were awarded international prizes.

Polina & Stefaniia’s WG residency is supported by Dutch Fund for Ukrainian artists, Mondriaan Fund, airWG and Artists at Risk.

Photography by Ilya Rabinovic


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