End presentation of Miku Sato
The final presentation of the current airWG resident Miku Sato will take place at puntWG
On show: 21 till 29 Mar 2020
Opening: Saturday 21 Mar 2020 — 18:00 till 20:00 hrs
Girls Got Gold Medals is a video about the medalists of Amsterdam Olympics in 1928. In response to Tokyo Olympics 2020, the past Olympic games, especially the Netherlands' women's national gymnastics team, was researched by the artist. The video retells the stories and memories of the girls and also features a survivor of WWII.
This practice tries to revive incidents and people that are concealed by history; the ones that are not properly recorded or heard by society in different circumstances, and finds the artist drawing her own suggestive line between the past and present.
About the Artist
Miku Satoʼs practice is based on her fieldwork of specific places, where she starts up a project delegating her intention to the local people she selects. Through video, installation and peopleʼs participatory action, she explores new perspectives and alternative possibility of relationship between individuals and the world as well as passivity and proactivity in society. Her quest is to compose her own new narratives to retell the past and present together under a different light.

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