resident 2017
Charless Goss

Period of August 2017 our resident was Charles Goss from the USA.

Beacuse of the short residency period Charles didnt have a public end presentation but we like to show some of his beautiful works he produced here.






Charles Goss is an American artist working in photography video and film-making as well as drawing and writing.


Originally Charles was trained in sculpture, ceramics and drawing at University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorada and Tufts University & School of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Massachusetts. In his work he has moved across different mediums: taking sculpture to drawing, drawing to painting, painting to photo, installation to digital and back again. During his one-month artist in residence at Atlelier WG he will be working on his film Everything I Don’t Know, shooting more photo and video, as well as making drawings and collage for his next show.


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resident 2017