resident 2023
Anna Kakhiani

Jan-Mar 2023

Anna Kakhiani (1991) is a Ukrainian visual artist and curator. She lived and worked in Kyiv, where she developed art projects, often collaborating with artist groups, cultural organizations, and art initiatives.

Since April 2022 she lives in a temporary place in Piershil (Hoekse Waard) and organizes cultural events in Rotterdam to share the Ukrainian context with the local community.

Anna's work focuses on human emotions and sensibilities, employing a variety of media in her work including installation, video, performance, film, and text.

She investigates issues related to psychological states, memory, alterations in personal perception of public and other spaces, and safety.

Anna's residency begins this January 2023, thanks to Support Fund Ukraine, Mondriaan Fund, and airWG.



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resident 2023