resident 2016
Beny Wagner

The artist Beny Wagner, from Germany, is selected for the period December the 1st to the end of January 2017 at AirWG.  Invited by Het Instituut, Beny Wagner will be completing his research on the 'obscene', a project being supported by the AFK en stichting Cultuur en Educatie.


During his research period, Beny Wagner plans to concentrate on the notion of the ‘obscene’ – understood in its original sense of ‘ob skene’, or ‘off-stage’. In the past, the architecture of amphitheatres determined the audience’s sight lines, but the emergence of VHS, YouTube and the smartphone makes everything seem visible today. Wagner will examine what this change in visibility means for our (collective) consciousness. What role do artists play in shaping what is visible? And how can they use this role as a form of political engagement? In his research Wagner is planning to work together with criminal law students.


Het Instituut –School is an interdisciplinary, practice-based research program that bridges the worlds of academia and practice. Located in the heart of Amsterdam, the program takes metropolitan problems in the spatial and social realms as its departure point. Basic competences of the program are: a critical approach, social engagement and interdisciplinary collaboration. The program Het Instituut – School is an initiative of Foundation Het Instituut.


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resident 2016